Sickless / Horus, Album Art

In 2012 the German rapper Sickless approached me (on my Kazka exhibition) and kindly asked me if I had interest in doing the  cover artwork for his debut album - Horus. That was a fun fact for me, as I already

God Bless India

  My new Comic GOD BLESS INDIA is out

The Arg-Project

Some illustrations tests for the mysterious ARG-PROJECT.      

Moscow Flyers

In the time from 2003 – 2010, I was regularly asked to create some flyers for several friends. Mostly for the Flammable Beats or Chris Helmbrecht‘s YumYum parties.

Gregg Robins, Snowing in April

Album cover for Moscow based musician Gregg Robins from New York Dominik Heilig: Album Illustration / Layout Design / Concept Aida Vardanian: Concept

DaWanda Lovemag

Big illustration spread for DaWanda‘s first Lovemag  


After the beautiful success of Maxim Gankin’s first Flammable Bali Camp 08/09, whole Moscow was craving for another one. On Idea of the logo / keyvisual was to merge a Russian onion-like church rooftop with a wave.

Illustrations from the Art Lebedev Times, Part 2

Here’s another unsorted load of illustration from the Lebedev times. some are computercolored hand-drawings others are vector. The series were for the Russian versions of Maximx, Men’s Health and so on

Illustrations from the Art Lebedev Times, Part 1

From 2003 until 2007 I worked as an illustrator for Art Lebedev Studio in Moscow. We were a team of about eight illustrators and never dropped our tools, not even for lunch. we had a pretty healthy output. :-) These

Noisy Stylus – Record sleeves

In 2001 DJ Tre-Styles from Noisy Stylus somehow got my telephone number and asked me to do their first dj vinyl. It has to be a battle-tool. This stuck with me and I started researching for tanks. At the end