Kazka, Synchronicity and a Tattoo,


Do you believe in synchronicity?
Well, I do! Recently I chatted with my former colleague and Muscovite friend Mr.T (guy on the left) about  start-up world of Berlin and Moscow.  Mr. T is smart and funky and above all a fan of my comic Kazka – form the first hour and page.

Mr. T also helped me with my Moscow exhibition of Kazka in 2012. For his efforts I screen-printed for him the page he like the most (behind him).

But What about the synchronicity?
Mr. Tim also thought about moving his company from Moscow to Berlin. I offered himn to make some intros if needed. I had several people on my mind.

So while chatting to him – SIMULTANEOUSLY – one of these people contacted me and sent me the photo of her cousin Mr. W. from New York. He for himself started to tattoo this same page onto his thigh, BY HIMSELF!!! OOUUCHHH.

I was baffled, much baffled,  for all this reasons and the intensity and what else :-)

I asked her for his address and send him a nicely illustrated and signed copy to New York the next day.



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